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SilverWing offers a variety of services that either employ or support our core foci—graphics and web design and photographic services—or are closely related. We've carefully tailored these services for the needs of today's Western Slope small businesses. Chances are there are several ways SilverWing can help you get the word out about your small business right now. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail message today by clicking here.

On this page we will tell you about our:


Marketing Postcards

One of the especially effective ways SilverWing can help a small business expand their market at the same time as getting their word out is through our Marketing Postcards.

  • Postcards are inexpensive
  • Postcards are fast
  • Postcards are flexible
  • Postcards are convenient

Please visit our Marketing Postcard page to learn more about how this cost-effective marketing and advertising tool can work for your company.


Advertising Materials

There are far too many ways that SilverWing can assist a small company or operation with advertising materials to mention here. From a simple flyer to an elaborate full-color magazine advertisement or billboard, producing advertising documents that will get noticed and examined closely are a specialty of ours here at SilverWing. Please take a look at our Advertising page to get a better idea of how SilverWing might help your small company or organization "get the word out".


Powerpoint Slide and Laptop Presentations

In our decades at the front-lines of medical research and medical device manufacturer businesses we have prepared dozens and dozens of reports, papers, scientific abstracts and oral presentations, engineering and marketing presentations and so on. This experience, coupled with our training in graphic design and typography puts SilverWing in an ideal position to offer professional Microsoft Powerpoint development services. We have years of experience developing scientific and business presentations with this powerful tool. Whether destined for laptop, slides or both we will bring our graphical, typographical, scientific and mathematical experience to bear in creating a presentation to be remembered for your next scientific or business meeting or marketing/sales presentation.

We'll do all the design and development work and deliver the presentation complete with charts and graphs in either laptop or slide formats or both, leaving you free to concentrate on your content and delivery rather than the mechanics of preparing an important presentation.


Scientific or Business Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts are frequently not only integral but vital to visual presentations and scientific articles. With a strong background in engineering mathematics and physical science, we are well versed in the math and graph theory and computer technology required to create meaningful yet beautiful graphs, maps, plots, and charts to add to your presentation or article.



Silverwing is equipped with a professional large format color scanner and a high-end 35mm film and slide scanner. We can produce a peerless scan of text or photo from 35mm slide to a 13" X 17" document. In addition, we use the world's standard in scanner software (to give you an idea of how seriously we take our scanning, our LaserSoft Imaging "SilverFast" scanning software costs over $1,000 for each scanner; it's the same scanner software that the big magazines and publishers use). Our state of the art equipment and software coupled with our decades of experience in photography, physical optics, and mathematical image processing ensure that we'll nail that scan every time!


Document Preparation Services

When large numbers of documents aren't necessary, SilverWing offers document preparation services that can are much more convenient and save a lot of money compared to making a special trip to the printer.

  • Lamination

    We can laminate any document up to legal size.

  • Binding

    We have a "GBC" binder with clear and colored covers and can bind any document up to 1" thick.


Music Recording, Editing, and CD Production

SilverWing is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital recording studio. The array of equipment (high-end audio card and microphone pre-amp (M-Audio), Shure microphones, Logitech speakers) and professional audio software (Cakewalk Sonar) allow us to provide an array of professional digital audio services.

  • Music recording. Our space is far more limited than our recording capabilities, but we are able to record groups of up to three musicians at our office.
  • Music file editing. We are able to perform a number of editing functions, not the least of which is preparing "snippets" of sound files to enable our clients to post their music on their web sites.
  • CD burning. We can perform all the necessary audio functions to make production-ready CD's. We can record the music files, edit and enhance them, and then burn them onto a CD.
  • CD Production. We can make all the necessary graphical preparations for a full commercial volume run of CD production. We design the inner and outer liners, from photography to graphics. We take care of all the arrangements with a CD replicating house to produce a full run of CD's, professionally recorded, replicated, printed and vacuum sealed.


Digital Darkroom (Photo Enhancement and Retouching, etc.)

It's no secret that tasks that used to be performed only in a dedicated darkroom by an expert with years of experience can now be performed with software that is available to anyone with a suitable computer. However, it's our training and experience in mathematical image processing and photographics that enable us to provide photo enhancement and retouching services of exceptional quality. If you want your photo work to sparkle, you'll bring it to us! Here's a partial list of our digital darkroom services. If you have other photo-related needs, please don't hesitate to call upon us.

  • Photo Enhancement. If you have a photo that is "tinted" (or has what's called a color cast), is slightly out of focus, or just getting that familiar patina that can begin to obscure an heirloom photo, we can fix those problems for you and print a new photo that will last for decades to come in its "new" finish.
  • Photo Retouching. We can remove scratches and stains or that familiar brownish tint and repair many tears and creases that many of our favorite old photos seem to acquire over the years. If you have a favorite portrait that is ruined by unsightly"red-eye", we can take care of that, too.
  • Photo Enlarging/Reducing: If you have a small print that you'd like to be larger or vice-versa, we can scan anyting from a fraction of an inch to 13" x 17" with high resolution and full color clarity, process it to remove any imperfections and print it out on age-resistant paper in color or black and white up to that same size.
  • Photo Montages. Have you ever taken a bunch of snapshots of a family event and ended up with nothing but a bucket full of prints? We can take a handful of your favorites and enlarge/reduce and "polish" them up and place them on a single, unforgettable montage the whole family can enjoy. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so here is one of my own family's outings distilled into a single image:


Bulk Mailings

SilverWing has United States Postal Service Bulk Mail Permit #25 out of the Montrose, Colorado US Post Office, primarily as an adjunct to our Marketing Postcard speciality. Our bulk mail services is not limited to our marketing postcard clients, though. W`e can take care of all functions required to produce a bulk mailing, from labelling them and organizing them according to bulk mail requirements.


Optical Character Recognition

On many occasions, the textual material we want to put on a computer, whether destined for a product brochure or a web site, exists only in printed form. There are two choices in such cases, either someone has to re-type the material in its entirety or you can let us run our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software on it. We can take a printed page from anything from a typewriter to a magazine or newpaper article and convert it to a digital computer file in any required format (word processor, plain text, page layout program, etc.). If you have a mailing list, printed material, news or magazine article, or the like we can save you hours and hours of time and the drudgery of re-typing it onto a computer.


Technical Writing

Over the years we've had many occasions to be involved in technical writing in several capacities, from first hiring and managing professionals to developing the content and handing off to a pro, to doing it all ourselves. A good technical writer is a person to be valued and admired, as s/he can literally make or break a product. If a product, whether simple or complex—yes, even a child's sled or wagon—is sold with confusing or hard-to-understand instructions, a positive purchase experience is in severe jeopardy. And so is the satisfaction of the customer. We've all heard horror stories of a harried father pulling his hair out all night on Christmas Eve. At SilverWing, we've been intimately involved in many products as simple as a toaster to as complex as a multi-million dollar computerized x-ray machine, and we fully understand and appreciate the value of well-written technical documentation. We've written a number of technical manuals and users guides over the years and are pleased to offer this service as well. If you should have any questions or if you would like to see examples of our Technical Writing work, please contact us. Here are a few forms of Technical Writing that we can help you with:

  • Product or Company Bochures and Financial Documents
  • Product Technical Manuals, User's Guides and Inserts
  • Regulatory Documentation


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