Packages and Rates

Given the tremendous variation in the complexity of the projects we deliver to our clients, it is simply impossible to estimate the cost any particular project via the web. We do, however, have especially convenient and cost-saving ways to invite prospective clients to take advantage of our expert services.

On this page we will tell you about:

1) Our Free On-Site Consultation and Estimate is a convenient and complimentary way of encouraging you to learn more about how SilverWing can help you with your project.

2) Our Web Development Policies.

3) Some friendly advice.

4) Our economically priced Special Web Packages that are designed to help you save time and money.

5) Basic (non-package) rates for SilverWing's web services.

6) Sample rates for SilverWing's design services.

7) Contact information for any questions or comments.


Free On-Site Consultation and Estimate

If your project total exceeds $200 we will arrange—at no cost to you—to meet with you at a location and time most convenient for you to carefully review your project to determine its scope and complexity. This allows us to offer you an intelligent projection of the cost and time required for its completion and will include a detailed written estimate for the work to be done as well as any special information we might have to further advise you.

If your project total does not exceed $200, you may either travel to our office or we can come to you at our normal travel rates (first 10 miles free, as the table below indicates).

Web Development Policies

Before we mention any details about our Web Packages, we should mention a few words about how we work with web clients.

  • Web Site Content Authoring. Your Web Designer does not write or re-write content. Your content must be supplied to us written the way that you would like it to appear on your web site. Any editing, etc. must be done prior to your submission of your materials.
  • Web Site Content. Our fees are based on you providing your content to us in electronic format. To avoid additional charges, written materials must be provided to us in the body of an e-mail, Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad format only.
  • Please understand that if you provide your content in the form of printed manuscripts, brochures, literature, etc. and you wish to have us process the information to ready it for application on your particular project, additional costs will be incurred. Our hourly rate will apply if we must convert photographic or printed materials into electronic format (via scanning, retyping, OCR, etc.). [Top]

Some Friendly Advice

It is relatively easy for us to quote the price of one of our Special Web Packages or any of our other services. In truth, the complexity and volume of the content of the web sites we build vary so wildly that it is entirely possible that the cost of the preparation and placement of the content you provide us could exceed the nominal cost of a Special Web Package or other service.

This introduces two potential paths for each of our clients: 1) let us do all of the preparation of the content for your site; or 2) provide us with as much of the content as possible in web- or document-ready form. We realize you have a drawing program and might even know how to use it properly. The fact is, we are ultimately confident in our work but cannot be responsible for content you provide to us. If your pictures are in poor shape, no amount of processing can restore them to their original pristine condition. If you do your own content preparation and produce less than professional results, the quality of your web site or printed document will reflect it. That is something that neither of us will like. Bottom line—if you want it done right, let us do it. When you're putting your company's web site up for the world to see it is not the time to cut corners! [Top]


Special Web Packages*
Name Description/Comment Price

Site Maintenance Plan*

Grubstake web site package Single page, maximum of 3 images, 3 external links, 600 words of text and a single e-mail link. No navigation or pop-up windows. Site can be very effective as an "electronic business card" through the use of disjoint rollovers. Please ask for examples. $150


(1/2 hour per month*)

Placer web site package Up to 5 pages with navigation menu. Up to 5 images, 5 external links, a single e-mail link and 5 pop-up windows. $500


(1 1/2 hours per month*)

Yankee Boy web site package Up to 10 pages with navigation menus, up to 10 images, 10 external links, and 5 pop-up windows. $700


(2 hours per month*)

Camp Bird web site package Up to 20 pages with navigation menus, up to 20 images, 20 external links, and 10 pop-up windows. $1,200


(3 hours per month*)

Note If one of these packages doesn't fit your needs, please contact us. We're always delighted to discuss your special project. In truth, projects we complete for our clients frequently end up diverging from our suggested package deals. It's difficult to predict the future of a project no matter how humble it starts out.

Add on's

"Hit Counter" Install a "free" hit counter (with a small 3rd party logo or ad) or a "fee based" hit counter (no 3rd party logo or ad, but a small monthly fee billed to your credit card) Note that hit counters require the use of cookies. Click here to find out more about Silverwing's available hit counters. $100  
Web Statistics: Log File Analysis We can perform server log file analysis on your site. If you desire more meaningful information than the above hit counter can offer, we can enroll your site in our server log file statistics analysis and reporting service. This affords detailed analysis of the habits of visitors to your site. The results of this analysis helps us modify your site to accommodate the habits of your site's visitors. Click here to find out more about SilverWing's log file analysis service. Ask Site- dependent

*Site Maintenance Plans (SMP)

All good web sites have fresh content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back.

The SMP fee is paid quarterly, biannually, or annually to keep your site updated with new content that you must provide (one upload per month plus discounts on additional uploads as needed; additional uploads at special hourly rate). Click here for the details.


See details here.


See details here.


Add the ability to collect payments from Paypal.

This is our recommended solution for small businesses wishing to enter the e-commerce arena.

$250 for initial set up


(not including any Paypal fees)

Verisign Add the ability to collect payments directly from holders of major credit cards. This assumes many things, including holding a merchant's account that allows you to accept credit card payments, deal with returns and credits, etc. Since it is not a trivial prospect we will need to work closely with you to effect a solution. If your company already holds a merchants account and is currently accept credit card payments, that simplifies matters greatly. Ask Site- dependent
Full-feature private forum We can install a full-featured private forum for your web site visitors. This is great to keep in touch with your customers and to allow them to contact each other. $300 $20/month
Search engine submission If part of your goal for your web site is to reach out to the vast web via search engines, you need to strongly consider using our search engine submission service. We guarantee your site will reach all the major search engines. The engines are updated monthly to assure your site stays on the "latest" submission lists.

$25 per site per month


Rates for Web Services

Service Description/Comment Price
Free initial on-site consultation and written estimate We travel to meet with you to learn about your business and the project you have in mind and to share our initial impressions (usually your business is the best place). Then we provide a free written estimate of the cost and time for us to complete your project. Free of charge
Hourly rate
Consultation, web research, graphic design, web design and all services not listed here
$ 45/hour
Travel (beyond 25 miles) First 10 miles travel to client's site are free of charge. We do charge for time and mileage for trips beyond 10 miles (again, first 10 miles free). Hourly rate + $0.35 per mile

Custom photographic work

Time plus travel as necessary plus materials (generally limited to film and development) Hourly rate + $0.35 per mile + materials
Support services Scanning, enhancement and/or preparation of photos or text for the web. OCR (Optical Character Recognition), etc.

Hourly rate

Custom web site development Home page (includes template for subordinate pages) $300
  Additional page based on template $ 35
  Additional pages not based on template $100 and up

Web research, development, image insertion, web uploads, etc.

Again, the overall cost of your web site will vary according to the amount and complexity of its architecture (# of pages), it's graphics, and its photographs.

Hourly rate




Sample Design Service Rates

Logo Variable cost depending on the complexity. Logos are best executed in vector graphic format (this enables sizing the logo for any application). If you have a sketch or a scanned logo we highly recommend allowing us to convert it to vector format. If you would like us to design your logo, we will deliver it to you in several electronic formats to accommodate most popular word processing and publishing applications. $25 - $500
Business card Assumes a finished logo in electronic format. This estimate covers our design work for the card, its transfer to a printer of your choice (we can offer recommendations), and reviewing the printer's work prior to your accepting it. Alternatively, we can take care of picking up and delivering the printer's work, and the cost of the printing at our normal hourly rate. Price varies according to the number of sides to be printed and the complexity of the card. $45-$150
Postcard, rack card, poster, flyer The potential of the scope of your project is impossible to for us to know with out reviewing it with you as suggested with our complementary initial consultation and written estimate. However, we can offer a range of prices for each of these kinds of projects. Again this ranges are products that employ existing graphics in electronic format, and does not include the development logos or additional graphics.
  Post Card or Rack Card $45 - $350
Poster or Flyer $25 - $100
Bulk Mailing Addressing including OCR services), sorting, labeling, preparation, and delivery to post office

$25 plus hourly rate


Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions about Silverwing's packages and rates that are not answered here, or have any comments about our web site or services, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can send us an e-mail message any time by clicking here.

Important note: SilverWing reserves the right to change policies and rates without prior notice. We do commit to the policies and rates posted on this web page at the time any agreement commences.





















































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