SilverWing provides expert photographic services

We have nearly 40 years experience in all aspects of photography. We are fully equipped with state-of-the art Nikon 35mm camera equipment and Olympus digital cameras and know how to use them. As a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, we are also expert at using Adobe Photoshop to enhance and process images for all our customer's needs.

Graphics, whether destined for print or the web, are wholly visual by nature. So, it makes sense to expect that your graphic/web designer is well versed in modern analog and digital photographic art and technology. But, for whatever reason, this is often not the case. At SilverWing, we pride ourselves in providing one-stop services for our clients, including any custom photographic work that might be required. In addition to providing custom on-site photographic work for our clients, we are fully equipped with large format and slide scanners and special, industry-standard scanner software often found only in large pre-press companies (this software costs well over a thousand dollars and features capabilities far beyond that which is supplied with today's scanners). These capabilities enable us to incorporate existing photographs into our client's documents and apply any retouching or enhancement that such photographs may require to be presented in a professionally-prepared document. We have spared no expense in acquiring our equipment and software and training ourselves to use it.


On-site photographic services

Whether it's a picture of an aspect your business in action or artistic photography to enhance the presentation of your company's visual communications, we are at your service. Here's are a couple of examples of how photographs that we took on-site and incorporated into Morningstar Veterinary Clinic's web site help to paint the picture of the culture, mood, and inner workings at the Clinic:



Image processing, enhancement, and retouching services

In keeping with our 30 plus year experience in digital image processing, SilverWing is a member of the National Association Of Photoshop Professionals


Here is an example of how we processed one of our digital photographs with Adobe Photoshop to create a graphic that we incorporated into our own web site. First, a raw photograph of the familiar Sneffel's range of the San Juan mountains south of Montrose:



We processed this image with Adobe Photoshop to make a monochrome relief of just the snow:



This processed image is displayed at the bottom of the Home page of this web site—we think, to good effect.

In addition to our other image processing and enhancement services, we can bring new life to poor quality, old, or damaged photographs. We can correct contrast or correct color balance (color cast) problems, refocus out-of-focus photographs, and restore old or damaged photographs—in most cases to very near their original condition. Please see our Support Services page for more information about this, our scanning and PowerPoint development services and more.


Fine Art Photography

Our personal passion for photography is in landscape work. To give you an example, here is a black and white photographic rendering of a scene in Grand Teton National Park:



Fine art, wedding, event, commercial, or on-site photography—there is no limit to what we can do to enhance your company's documents with our custom photographic services!

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