Marketing Postcards

What is Marketing?

Many people do not understand just what marketing is, and often confuse it with sales efforts of one sort or another. There are many ways to define just what marketing is, but from a small business viewpoint there a simple and easily understood bottom line. Small business marketing is making sure that a product fits the market it is intended for and that it is promoted and distributed effectively.

How can SilverWing help?

One of the most effective marketing tools that is still accessible by small businesses is direct mail marketing. At SilverWing we have focused our efforts on support services for postcard marketing because it is a particularly effective solution for small businesses. SilverWing has the tools, the know-how, and the U.S. Postal Service bulk mail permit to be able to offer its clients complete postcard marketing services from designing the graphics to handling the details of the bulk mailing.

Why Postcards?

Postcards are especially effective for small businesses because:

  • They are inexpensive. For a few hundred dollars you can reach literally thousands of prospective or existing customers.
  • They are fast. Postcards are easy to send and put your message in your client's hands in a matter of days.
  • They are flexible. They can be used for a variety purposes from obtaining market research to advertising sales or special events. They are equally useful for prospecting for leads, building repeat sales or maintaining customer contact.
  • They are convenient. Adjust your mailings to your marketing schedule; mail as many and as often as you like.

Example: our own postcard

Like your company, SilverWing is a small business and operates with limited resources. And like your company, that makes SilverWing a prime candidate for postcard marketing. We took our own advice and designed this postcard:



The front of this card incorporates a number of features of a well-designed marketing postcard:

  • It is the maximum size before jumping to the next U.S. Postal Service price rung. Its actual dimensions are 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. This makes them taller than a normal #10 envelope so that the top of the card is readily visible in a stack of mail.
  • It has an eye-catching picture, large, colorful text, and features the SilverWing Logo prominently.
  • You can't tell by looking, but it is printed on super-thick stock and sports an eye-appealing glossy U/V protective coating. These features make the postcard further noticeable in a stack of mail.

The back of the postcard carries the company's message, as well as plenty of information to entice and enable clients to contact us.



In addition to the marketing literature, there is room above the address area for a separate message handwritten or applied by a custom inked rubber stamp. It is here that we announce special discounts, seasonal sales and promotions, once again appealing to the client to contact us to obtain various savings. When a client contact is made, knowing the particular stamped message on the card the client is responding to gains us useful market research information.

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