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What is Graphic Design?

Most everyone can identify the work of graphic designers. Graphics designers design logos, the images and print on boxes of cereal, the covers and pages of magazines, the layout of newspapers, and so on. In this day and age we are bombarded with the work of graphics designers. A good graphic designer is primarily concerned with visual communications. That is what graphic designers do—use graphic arts and fundamental design principles to communicate specific messages or information to a target audience via the many visual modes of communication that are available through twenty first century technology.

Why SilverWing Graphics?

The principle reason is that at SilverWing we understand visual communications and are well-versed in the computer technology and know how required to apply it to maximum advantage. For example, we know to create the subtle synergy that occurs when all of a company's visual communications bear a common visual theme. If you take a few moments to study the advertising of some of the big companies, regardless of the media in which they are presented, you'll always be able to detect very intentional common themes. These deep-pocketed companies see to it that their logos and catchy names are presented to their potential customers at every possible opportunity. Why do they do this? They are relying on what's called "pattern recognition" to implant their product's image in car buyer's minds so that when they ask themselves which car to buy—you guessed it, Bingo!

At SilverWing we don't think that the benefits of this kind of approach to communicating a company's message should be limited to the mega-corporate conglomerates. We apply the very same concepts, along with the other fundamental visual communication and design principles, to each and every project we complete for our clients. From business card to web site, our clients enjoy the same sort of effectiveness in their company's printed or electronic documents or web site that the Fortune 500 companies do.

And because of our decades of experience in digital imaging technology, we can guarantee that each graphic in each and every web site or printed document we produce has been carefully optimized specifically for that medium. This maximizes the quality of our client's documents at the same time as avoiding unnecessarily protracted download times or problems interacting with printers.

Print or web, SilverWing Graphics will make your company's visual communications "snap"!


A practical example

There are several examples of the practical application of these principles in work we did for Morningstar Veterinary Clinic here in Montrose. We were first asked to design a logo. As we always do, we carefully considered the name, mission, and culture and tone of the business. Our method of providing on-site consultation allows us to get to know the business owner and the working environment they have created and understand the nature and tone of the business they run. Morningstar is a woman-owned business with leadership that projects a nurturing and caring tone for the entire operation. In order to reflect these values, we created this logo:

The symbolism in and the visually pleasing nature of this logo are representative products of the thought and creativity that we put into our work. For example the woman, who is supportive and protective of her child in the early morning light, also has the family pets looking to her for their needs. In turn, the woman looks to the Morning Star for guidance and assistance in her mission to keep the beloved pets healthy and safe. The general shape of the logo is that of an umbrella, and the business title itself contributes a supportive role by carefully cradling the image portion of the logo in its gentle arc. These features combine to create the logo's ability to portray the business' story and the direction of its leadership in a concise and visually appealing way. A subtle but important feature of this logo contributes to a direct savings for Morningstar. The fact that it is executed in a single color means a significant (up to several hundred percent) savings over a full-color illustration each time the logo is printed.

Having the logo as the basis for Morningstar's corporate identity, we were then able to design other important features of the corporate image, such as business cards:

In addition to careful consideration of a number of design factors such as the alignment and proximity of the various elements of these business cards, using the same typeface for all the alphanumerics projects the kind of unity, cohesiveness, and organizational excellence one would expect from a professional practice.

The next objective was creating a web site that incorporates the same kind of consideration given to the logo and business cards to continue to project that same professional, cohesive corporate image. Because we designed the logo, we had the the original digital artwork as well as the insight into its best application for the web site. These enabled us to create a web site header that was a direct extension of the logo and business cards:

For a look at the entire web site, click here:



When the business card is shown alongside the web site header, it is easy to see the synergism of the cohesiveness of the SilverWing approach. The quality of the overall look and feel of a company's documents speaks loudly about that company.

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