Advertising is just as important for any small business or enterprise as it is for the largest ones—perhaps even more so. But because of the limited advertising budget typical of small companies, the stakes seem even higher than they are for a large company with deep pockets. As a result, small businesses are under particular pressure to make every advertising dollar count. That's where SilverWing comes in.

At SilverWing our special expertise is in visual communications. We understand what makes one advertisement more effective in delivering a company's message than another one. The secret lies in skillfully applying the core principles of proper design: proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast. How these principles are applied (or misapplied), along with the correct typography literally make or break an advertisement. Through a full understanding and proper use of these principles one advertisement can instantly lead the viewer to the core of the message, while another will leave the viewer searching for the apparently hidden intent of the advertisement.

Take a look at most any advertisement in a newspaper as an example. Often the ad space is literally crammed with a mish-mosh of graphical or typographical elements yielding a confusion that the reader must decipher to understand what the ad is all about. Uninitiated graphic designers either just don't "get it" or they bow to the demands of customers who do not understand that more "ink" doesn't necessarily equal a good advertisement.

How can SilverWing help?

Let Silverwing design your next:

  • Newspaper or periodical advertisement. We'll design an ad that pops right out from the mass of confusion on the pages of today's newspapers and magazines.
  • Postcard or Rack card. We'll get your message out in a way that is eye-catching and easy to read and understand.
  • Poster or Banner. We'll make you a poster or banner that invites and engages your audience as it delivers your message.
  • Promotional Item. We'll make that t-shirt, hat, or mug sparkle with your image, slogan, or logo!


Practical example

Here's an example of some SilverWing advertising work. The Montrose Canine Carnival needed a logo, a poster, a flyer, and racing entry forms.

We designed this logo:


Here are a few subtleties that the untrained eye might not catch. The dog was hand-drawn in a "cartoon" format to draw attention to the "fun and festive" carnival format of the event. The dog, wearing a collar and tag to accentuate the attitudes of the group toward proper licensing and tagging, is happily running alongside under the control of the unseen owner, indicated only by the leash extending outside the logo image. Lastly, the title of the event was wrapped around the logo to set a cohesive and organized tone, consistent with the nature of the event.

And this poster:


The remainder of the printed material took a similar look and feel. The consistency of the appearance and graphical elements of the printed documents set a certain "recognition" factor, developing an identity for the event.

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